5 essential bedroom decor tips for a stress free environment

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Hey there! So while we were sipping on our evening tea we thought about how busy and hectic our daily lives have gotten with work from home being the norm now and working around the clock from your bedrooms.

Our buddy Lil Dragonfly here believes a few little hacks and changes to your bedroom could not only keep stress at bay but also enhance your productivity levels!

Here are 5 essential bedroom decor tips for living in a stress free environment:

1. Try minimalism:

It goes without saying, the less clutter you have around you the more space you make for a free flowing creativity. Try to keep your bedroom as minimal as possible with not too many things around or at the very least a neutral colour palette so as to make it feel more spacious and less crowded. You can delve into the concept of minimalism and surround yourself with things you only need in your bedroom/work space.

2. Why not scent it:

It’s always a good idea to surround yourself with fresh flowers and plants to not only keep the oxygen levels up but also fill your room with a fresh smelling scent that instantly refreshes and energizes your body to get through the day at ease. You may also look out for some essential oils, if you do not have the time or access to fresh plants. The idea is to constantly feel luxurious and not stuck at home. Check out our fitted bed sheets collection for a touch of luxury!

3. Look into the lighting:

You have to keep in mind that lighting can affect your moods tremendously! Make sure you have optimum sunlight in your room, to keep it bright and lively during the day and add a few warm white lights in your bedroom that are not too sharp neither too dim and allow you to create an environment that is relaxing and calming yet also perfect for your work meetings!

4. Organisation tools are a must:

This is yet another way to keep your room clutter free as well as making it super easy to find things right when you need them. You may opt for foldable/hanging organisation shelves or make use of the various cardboard boxes lying around in your house to assemble your almirah in an organised manner, subsequently making you feel more in control and planned out for the week ahead.

5. Pick serene bedding essentials:

Lastly, a huge part of your bedroom is your bed, in the truest sense your comfort zone so its essential to treat your bed like royalty with warm comforters, breezy duvets, a few throw pillows and a maybe a neutral toned bed sheet too, giving you the beauty sleep you need warding away the negative energy!

We hope you find this  guide helpful to elevate your room and your mood instantly! Do lets us know what worked best for you or if you would like to know anything from us, Lil Dragonfly is all ears!

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