5 tips to sleep better at night and enhance productivity

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Hey there, we hope you have been having a few good sleeps and if not, stick around this one’s for you! Like we have mentioned earlier, sleep is an experience, a rather luxurious experience that has a lot of factors contributing to it and we think each one of them adds up to a journey of self love and care!

Here are 5 tips to sleep better at night and enhance your productivity:

1. Have a sleep schedule:

Getting your body into a routine can help tremendously to enhance your sleep cycles. Stick to a sleep schedule of at least 7 hours at a fixed time and cut down on day time naps to avoid sleeping late at night time. Following a set pattern for 4-5 days can get your body to automatically snooze away once the clock strikes sleep hour!

2. Plan ahead, keep a stress free mind:

Know that relaxation comes before sleep. Many people indulge in a pre-sleep ritual to de-stress their bodies and minds as a preparation for a good night’s sleep. We think it’s most effective to plan ahead, list down your work for the next day, so you sleep knowing you have it all planned out, also leading you to be highly productive the next day as you strike off tasks. Further, you can meditate, listen to a night time podcast or indulge in a skincare routine. Anything to make your body and mind feel loved and looked after!

3. Take up a physical activity:

Being physically active can also be very helpful in enhancing your sleep. As it is said, we sleep like a baby on the days we are most tired, hence it is key for your body to have certain levels of exhaustion so as to fall asleep without any external stimulants.

And of course, this keeps you healthy all year around, giving you more time and attention to focus on work/other aspects of life.

4. Eat and drink mindfully:

As important as your external environment is, your internal environment and wellbeing is just as important. Such as increased intake of caffeine or alcohol can disrupt your sleep schedules as they can cause high levels of anxiety. It is also important to keep your body constantly hydrated to keep toxins out of the body and lead your body and mind to feel at complete rest.

5. Your surroundings matter:

Get yourself a surrounding that keeps you warm and cozy! Upgrade your bedding preferences, maybe a few new pillows, a well themed bed sheet with a comforter can make you feel pampered and loved! Who doesn’t like a resort-like bedroom right?

Remember to put yourself first, treat yourself with love and then watch the magic unfold as you step into the world of endless beauty sleeps! Leave a message to Lil Dragonfly, if there’s something more you would like to know about these sleepy times!

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