A short guide for choosing the perfect comforter

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You may have heard a good night’s sleep is perhaps the most important daily experience that we indulge in or maybe that 20 minute nap wrapped around in your warmest comforter can be life changing, either way, sleeping is an experience that needs to be looked after too!

Today, choosing bedding options comes easy with online businesses taking shape, but you are also surrounded by a variety of options to choose from and the process can get rather tedious, leaving you flustered.

Here’s a short guide on buying the perfect comforter for yourself, giving you the longest yawns!

  1. Make a choice – Down or alternative down
    Down comforters are typically super lightweight and can be used all year around, with optimum warmth on summers making it a more breathable option. Whereas for alternative down, the comforters are heavier than traditional downs and can make it less breathable but however if you sleep cold at night or are more prone to allergies, alternative down might be a great option for you, otherwise we stick to down!
  2. Be informed – fill power and fill weight
    These terminologies may seem alien to you, but trust us getting your perfect bed comforter is all we want! Try looking into the fill power while buying king size comforter sets, because it refers to the amount of fluff inside the comforter which can give you a rough idea about its warmth but also looking into the fill weight is the number down put into a comforter blanket which is infact what keeps it warm! Hence taking a look at both of these measures will give you a peek into how cozy you are going to be!
    Here’s one of our best picks just for you!
  3. Take good care – read the label
    We all know buying a comforter blanket doesn’t happen everyday and has to be maintained and looked after all year around. You want to make sure, your choice of bed comforters allows you to wash it properly once in a while and not only a dry clean friendly one. When washing your king size comforter sets make sure to keep it on a low spin and add extra rinse to make sure you got all the detergent out!

Lil Dragonfly hopes this helped and you took your notes, because all we would ever want is for you to get a sweet dreamy sleep! How about you head over to our variety of duvets and bed comforters, and find your perfect match? 

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