How does thread count make a difference while choosing your bedsheets

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Hey there! Lil’ Dragonfly is glad to have you here.

You must’ve read across our website that we are a 400 TC bed sheet brand with certifications and while it sounds great to us, we pinned down a few pointers defining what does the thread count mean for you as a customer and whether or not it makes a difference!

Like we said, customer experience is at our core and we will only help you make informed decisions.

Does Thread Count make a difference?

Apparently yes, thread count makes quite the difference!

A normal to average thread count for bedsheets is usually around 250-300, while 400 TC is above average and a 600 TC is most unlikely as per experts. Higher thread counts means the sheets have been made by thinner or finer yarn threads, which leads to more yarns fitting into a square inch making the fabric highly dense, smooth and consequently more durable.

However, having said that, quality over quantity is key here! It is important to also focus on the quality of the yarn threads rather than just the count of threads. Little things make all the difference, so head over to our newest bedsheets range consisting of solid bed sheet,cotton printed bedsheet, fitted bedsheet and the imperial collection with the finest quality thread as well as a high quantity of thread!

When does thread count matter?

It is important to keep in mind that thread count matters most when bedsheets are made of 100% cotton in a single ply weave (a single thread is used to yarn). With other fabrics, thread count may not be the most crucial factor to look at as the type of fabrics lead to a variety of weaving patterns and styles each maintained at different levels of quality standards. Such as for linen, it is extremely thick hence the thread count is best kept low while for satin, it is comparatively thinner and so is typically measured best by weight and not count.

Lil Dragonfly has been taking notes and has picked our 100% cotton, 400 TC bed sheet online for you in various different styles from solid bed sheet to cotton printed bedsheet.

Finally, which one to pick?

While it is known now, thread count really does count, there is little to say about the choice to make. A thread count between 200-300 is usually considered great but a thread count between 300-500 is considered luxury!

The choice is yours to make and we won’t tell you which one to pick but hey, lil dragonfly is offering you luxury and variety right from solid bed sheet to cotton printed bedsheet. We would be ecstatic to hear your dreamy stories! You may reach out to us or contact us with your concerns and reviews!

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