Our top 5 picks that make for a perfect gift for new homes

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We at Lil Dragonfly think we could help you out pick the perfect luxury home decor gift for your family and friends, making your gift stand apart from the rest and indeed making it a memorable celebration! Oh and did we forget to tell you, all of our products can also be customised as per your choice!

Lil Dragonfly pinned down it’s top 5 picks for you, 

  1. Aurora – Reversible comforters:
    We’re not going to lie, these are our absolute favourites! A comforter with two vibrant sides to suit every mood, who wouldn’t love that? Aurora, being one of the best bed comforters, is lovingly designed keeping in mind the fun festive vibe, that holds various moods and days of celebration. Made with a 400 thread count in 100% cotton this makes for a perfect gift, as it not only leaves your loved ones feeling warm and fuzzy quite literally but also cared for as you understand the moody them!
  2. Pinch pleated duvet cover:
    Let’s just call this one, a hint of drama! This is a perfect pick for anyone who loves being subtly dramatic every now and then. The pinch pleated duvet cover as the name suggests is simple yet a chic piece of addition to bed comforter that can amp up the room in seconds and surely give you those festive vibes. The fabric of our Pinch duvet covers will leave your friends in awe complimenting the softest bed comforters ever!
  3. Self stitched pillow cases:
    These ones are a little too special to miss out on! They are one of a kind because they are self stitched and are made in 100% cotton! These ones can make for a great gift to remind someone to catch on their dreamy sleeps. Lil dragonfly also customises colors as per your moods, what more could we possibly ask for!
  4. Flat bed sheets – so chic:
    We have a variety of flat bed sheets to pick and choose from, each one of them with their own speciality and dreamy factor of course, but nothing beats a good old classic bed sheet set right? Our chic collection holds 400 TC bed sheet set in a wide array of solid colors keeping the bed minimal while the house is all decked up this festive season.
  5. Fitted bed sheets – classic:
    Just like our bed sheet set collection, our fitted bed sheets too have a wide variety of options. However for gifting, we would always say stick to the classics! Give your loved ones a sense of comfort, let them know you care with the softest fitted bed sheets ever.

Happy Gifting!!!

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