What’s the difference between microfiber and cotton pillows?

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Pillows may be termed as our absolute favourites when it comes to bedding decor and comfort! Pillows not only get you all cuddled up to give you a cozy night but as per research, interestingly enough, pillows are also essential for promoting good health providing your spine and neck some much needed support while you snooze away.

We‘ve all got that one favourite pillow, we can’t do without and okay let’s see what kind of pillows are you into! (yes, pillows got its own types and kinds)

Cotton or microfiber pillows?

Cotton pillows are completely natural and synthetic free and being very lightweight they usually stay cool even during summers. Washing cotton pillows can also be as easy as throwing them into the washing machine and giving them a good deep rinse. However, cotton pillows can also lose their shape quicker and will flatten out with time and may have to be replaced after a certain period of time.

Whereas for microfiber pillows are polyester pillows and are comparatively firm and provide great support to the head and neck without getting disfigured easily. They are typically also inexpensive but it is important to keep in mind that synthetic fibers can be rather warm and so might be a little less breathable. It is also advisable to stick to cotton pillows if you are allergic or sensitive to any chemicals. However these pillows too can be easily machine washed and dried quickly and do not have to be replaced too often.

Both cotton pillows and microfiber pillows are great for specific climates and body types, hence it is crucial for you to take a close look at your environment as well as your health requirements , when choosing your go to pillow the next time! 

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