Why handmade fabric is the best for your bed

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“You can’t buy love but you can buy handmade and that is kind of the same thing.” Handmade stuff involves human touch, that is the reason why it can make you feel the warmth. Using handmade products means making a move towards a sustainable lifestyle. Bed is meant to be your comfort place, so it is always good to make it all cosy and comfy with a premium bedsheet. So whenever you feel like jumping on your bed after a long hectic day, it should put you to sleep peacefully. Here are five reasons why handmade fabric is best for your king size bed sheets.

Better quality

Investing in handmade single bed sheets and king size bed sheets is worth it, it is always quality over quantity. Handmade fabric is easily mendable even if it gets torn, So there is no chance of disposing of it after just using it once. It is pretty durable. 


Personal touch makes a difference in everything one does. As the fabric is handmade you can opt for customisation and get a premium bedsheet suiting your taste. You can  create your own beautiful bed sheet just the way you imagine it to be. It could be your or your loved one’s initial or your favourite place, or a memory it can be anything and everything. So just go for making it special for you and your loved ones.

Natural colour

Who doesn’t love bright colours? Everything’s better when you put colours on it. Handmade single bed sheets are colourful and and unique making it the perfect addition to your collection of beautiful bed sheets. The colour is also not toxic, perfectly natural. So you do not need to think twice before making contact with your skin. It is completely harmless. Colour affects people’s moods, so choose your colour wisely.


As less raw material is produced, handmade fabric for single bed sheets and king size bed sheets is more environmentally friendly. It can be upcycled. You can always make your favourite pair of clothes or your comfy pyjamas from your premium bedsheet. It is such a sustainable step towards a pollution free environment. 

Health benefits

Lastly it is all about health, right? You do not need to worry about it. This fabric is designed in such a way that it will take care of your comfort. It is breathable so you can sleep peacefully on it, it doesn’t trap moisture and heat so This will make you feel more at ease in both cool and hot weather, reduce sweating, and make you feel nice. Having a goodnight sleep can make your whole day, so just keep your bed cosy, soft and easy.

Buying a handmade fabric is also cost effective, as less labour is involved in that. Money is not a big deal here. It is about “when you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, you do feel it, the consciousness with which a thing is made is often more than important a thing itself.” If you really wanna make your own bed, buy something that you can call your own.

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